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38 High Street Hadleigh SS7 2PB

Adult Advanced Dance Classes

Monday - 8.30-10.00pm

Wednesday - 8.30-10.00pm

Sunday - 7.30-9.00pm

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    Our Advanced Class is suitable for anyone who has completed our 30 week intermediate program or for those who have a basic knowledge of Bronze figures.

    The classes run 3 nights a week enabling you to come as often as you like to, experiencing different teachers and the chance to work towards medal tests and competitions if you desire.

    It is a 40 week program for 10 weeks we work on only 2 dances one ballroom and one latin and we teach the highest level of basic steps available. Giving you exciting challenging routines.

    Each week the instructor will repeat the previous weeks work as a re-cap or to enable you to catch up if you have had to miss a week, however we do offer 3 weekly classes for advanced pupils to keep things as flexible as possible.

    During the class a short break is offered for you to grab a drink from the bar, catch your breath or have a chat with the new friends you will make.

    We are very fortunate to have both male and female assistants on the class, so don’t worry if you are attending on your own we will never leave you sitting on the side lines.

    If you are coming as a couple we do not insist on partner changing either.

    All of our classes are offered on a pay as you go basis or you can pay in advance using the online booking portal to secure you space.