Advanced Dance Classes

Evening advanced dance classes available.

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Advanced Classes

**The main focus for these classes is currently  Quickstep for all classes with Cha Cha for evening and Rumba for Daytime. 

LEVEL 1                                                                   Monday – 8.30-10.00pm                                       Sunday – 7.30-9.00pm

LEVEL 2                                                            Wednesday – 8.30-10.00pm

DAYTIME CLASS                                                    Tuesday – 11.30am-1.00pm                                       

Adult Advanced Dance Classes are £10 per person, pay as you go and Pre-Booking is no longer required.

So you have learnt the basics, added some new dances to your repertoire and now feel ready to progress to the next level, the Advanced Classes!

We have two levels for the advanced classes and each class is tailored to the ability of the group:

Advanced Level 1: Learn the advance class, GOLD base level routines and start to think about that technique.

Advanced Level 2: Here you learn the full Gold level routine and add to that already improved technique from Level 1. You’ll be ready and dancing a competition in no time!

Can't make your class??

Need a little extra help that’s tailored to you??

Book in for a Private Lesson with any one of our qualified teachers and get some extra help that’s personalised to you!

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